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Ok, let's have an in depth look at AIOP:

AIOP (All In One Profits) is primarily an autoresponder
with additional marketing tools but has an awesome way of earning monthly
residual income 
as well as earning team overrides.
Plus...there's more:

You can see the positives and negatives below:

Three of the positives are the low autoresponder's price of only $10 a month
and the ability to earn overrides continuously from your team.
Also AIOP comes with a capture page
and a tracker.

The negatives are that their are better autoresponders
out there with better deliverability rate and with the option of single opt in
instead of only double opt in.

As far as earning is concerned, when you join and refer a new member
and they join and pay, you get the first new member and pass up every other one 
to your sponsor. This is good and bad. You will see that if you're good 
at building a team that this can be awesome.

So let's first start with the negative:
Obviously, passing up a member is disheartening as you did all that work
of refering the new member and won't even earn anything from it. I know 
the feeling. I've passed up a lot of members.

However, their are three positives of this:
1) Once you've passed up, the next one is yours!

2) Once you have built a team of members referring thier 
own members under you, they will start passing up to you!

3) If you build a big team (and earn the right to be their leader 
and take a real interest in helping them win), they will do tons 
of work for you and every one of their second members will pass up to you!
This is called "leverage"! Not only this, but as long as they remain 
in the program they will pass up the next one to you. Its awesome!

Is everything awesome about AIOP? No. There are some real negatives, 
such as most (if not all) of the autoresponder campaigns have links in them (this 
is good for an expert marketer but not good for a beginner as it doesn't 
build communication between you and your subscribers). If you don't learn
effective communication with you and your email list, you will not have 
any success online. Eventually when you learn this you will see the natural 
progression to adding links now that you already know how to build that bridge 
between you and your subscribers. However, it is possible to edit the email 
campaigns and change them. Also you can edit and pass on your email campaigns
to your team if you upgrade to the highest upgrade in AIOP
(which is only $20 month). Another negative is that for me I like to 
build my list with the best possible autoresponder I can and Elizabeta and I 
agree that AWeber is first on our list in deliverability rate and PLS second.

AIOP a great program for some, with positives and negatives
so I would encourage you to 
think about it. 

This would be the positives and negatives that I have. 
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Hi! This is Albie
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I used to be a school teacher for 20 years. But then in 2012

my school lost funding and all the teachers including
myself lost their jobs
. I started internet marketing
at that time thinking it would be easy to start earning online.
I was grossly mistaken. Long story made very 
short, it took me years to learn the marketing skills
that changed everything 
for my business
partner Elizabeta and I in 2018.

And when we did begin to LEARN, IMPLEMENT & MASTER 
them, everything changed for us earning online and we're confident
it will for YOU too! 

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